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Environmental Policy - Bottles

Euromarque only supply wine in glass bottles. All glass in 100% recyclable, though please keep the colours separate at the bottle bin. All our bottles include a high proportion of recycled cullet themselves.

Our European wines are imported directly from the producer in bottles.

As the UK has a surplus off recyclable green glass, we are working with suppliers to move more of our wines to clear glass. This is a long term project as the coloured glass protects the wine from the harmful effects of sunshine, such as fading the wine colour. There are also cost implications from the wine producers. We are therefore concentrating on the white wines initially.

So far our Bordeaux Sauvignon and Italian Pinot Grigio have been changed.

All our new world wines, Australian and Chilean are shipped in bulk to the UK and bottled here. This is in line with government initiatives to remove the carbon footprint of moving wine around the world. The further it travels, and the heavier it is, the more CO2 involved.

It also enables use of the green glass surplus in new wine bottles.

It has been calculated the bulk shipped wine from Australia has a lower carbon footprint the than bottled wine trucked from the south of France.

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