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Environmental Policy - Sulphites

All wines contain sulphur dioxide in various forms, collectively known as sulphites. Even in completely unsulphured wine it is present at concentrations of up to 10 milligrams per litre. because the wine fermentation creates them. It is impossible to produce sulphite free wine.

Additional sulphites are added during wine production to stop fermentation at the desired time, and may also be added to wine as preservatives to prevent spoilage and oxidation at several stages of the winemaking. Sulphur dioxide protects wine from not only oxidation, but also bacteria. Without sulphur, grape juice would turn to vinegar.

In general, sweet (dessert) wines contain more sulphites than dry wines, and white wines contain more sulphites than red wines.

The incidence of sulphite sensitivity in the general population is thought to be less than 2%, so its not the cause of your morning after feeling.

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