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Environmental Policy - Boxes

Wooden Boxes

Euromarque is committed to ensuring that all the timber used in the course of our business has been sourced with minimal impact damage to the natural environment. Most Importantly, no tropical hardwoods are used in any of our products.

Our standard boxes are produced from Russian pine grown on commercial plantations. The luxury boxes are made from french Elm. They all use timber from verifiable sources that meet the minimum standards of good forest management. Our suppliers conform to international standards and supply us with boxes made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.

For every carton of wooden boxes that we buy we aim to plant a replacement sapling so that the box industry can continue to flourish.

It has been calculated that each tree absorb an average of 11kg of CO2 per year.

Card Cartons

Wherever possible, we source cartons using recycled material or material with a high recycled content. However there are minimum quality standards required for presentation products and where recycled material would compromise this, we use virgin board. All our card and cardboard are 100% recyclable.

Decorative Fill

All our decorative fill products are made from recycled paper, but the minimum recycled content varies from colour to colour in line with production requirements. Our default natural kraft fill has 35% recycled content. Other colours available vary from 10 to 70% recycled material. Naturally all our fill colours are 100% recyclable.

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